Monday, January 19, 2009

III. Day 2: Asheville to Mobile

Not much to report here, other than that GoogleMaps vastly underestimates driving times. I think there is some joker working for them, because I feel a little tricked. I have other reasons to think that their staffers are playing fast and loose with our emotions: I asked, out of curiosity, for GoogleMaps to lay out a route between San Francisco and Tokyo, and it instructed me to kayak for 35 days to Japan, and then make a series of lefts. This is the only mapping tool I have used to plan this trip, so for now I just have to grit my teeth and drive. And so when I do finally kayak to Japan, I know to give myself more than 35 days to make the trip.

We stop in Atlanta and meet Micah's friends Doug and Rich and their wives. They inform us of all the cool things we could be seeing, if we had time. I like them in spite of their travel taunts. We are driving through too late to see any of the Civil Rights sites. We pass by the Hank Williams Museum after business hours, which is the only thing on this entire trip that causes me to swear, which I do continuously for about ten minutes, much to Micah's amusement.

We miss almost all of Alabama, because we are driving through it on a major highway in the dark. I comment to Micah that Alabama is like the most boring dream you've ever had, only longer and more poorly lit. I am sad that it is possible to avoid interacting with a state completely by staying on its highways.

I know that Alabama must be beautiful, because it is the only place we hear frogs.

Music: Settin' the Woods on Fire, Hank Williams, Sr.

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